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Zippo lighters, the legend

Zippo lighters were founded in 1932 by George D. Blaisdell are known the world over for inventing the now famous range of Zippo lighters in presentation casewindproof Zippo lighters.

All lighters manufactured by Zippo come with a "lifetime" warranty as testament to the quality of build inherent in all Zippo products and we are confident you will not be disappointed. The Zippo warranty can be summed up simply, "it works, or we fix it for free".
Manufacturing over 400 million lighters since they began production, Zippo have diversified into other market sectors and in 1962 they began development of the Zippo steel rule tape measure.
Since then the company have not looked back and have been busy increasing it's range of lighters and other products worldwide.

Zippo lighters are available in a very wide choice of style and design, Zippo lighters and since 1992 Zippo have been releasing the Collector series which are highly sought after. These lighters are designed with a "theme" in mind such as a famous movie star, singer, company etc and have Zippo lighters in Jack Daniels stylebecome extremely collectable items in their own right often gaining increased value.
Themed designs such as the Pure style tend to be of a matte metallic finish in all colours and in most metals copper, brass, silver etc. This range forms some of the less fussy styles normally associated from Zippo and are particularly elegant.
At the other end of style is the Work & Play series of lighter. These are often heavily decorated and usually have some form of moulding to the body of the lighter in keeping with a well known company or sporting activity but never the less are still very desirable lighters to own.

Currently, Zippo lighters are available in seven themed designs and there are countless variations within each theme ensuring that we will definitely have that design that appeals to you. Did you know that we can also offer a personalised lighter bearing your personal inscription for that very special occasion. Please e-mail us for more details at sales@the-engraving-company.co.uk.

Other Zippo lighter products

The range of products available from Zippo are not just confined to cigar or cigarette lighters although that is their primary market they established themselves in but extends to a new range of multipurpose lighters as well as other Zippo's multipurpose lightersproducts such as key holders, pocket knives, tape measures and writing instruments. The new MPL lighters can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as lighting house hold domestic fires, camping stoves, birthday candles, barbecues etc.

They are made from durable metals and as you would expect are powered by butane. They feature a patented child lock together with an adjustable flame dial and a fuel supply window for refillable butane tank.
You can view a small sample from our range of Zippo lighters by clicking the menu at the top right of the page and choosing your required sub category.

Please browse our website, we feel sure you will find just the product you are looking for and you can purchase online instantly using our completely hassle free secure transaction process giving you complete peace of mind at all times. Why not purchase your Zippo lighters now? it's easy, our job is the hard part.

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